Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentines decor for free..with a coffee filter wreath tutorial

Decorate for valentines day? What?It seems kind of strange, but I'm always so sad about taking down the Christmas decor that I'm excited to get something else pretty put up. And it gives me more excuses to try new DIY's:) So this year I wanted to do it on a budget. And the budget I decided on was FREE. My favorite kind. I had ALL of this at home already.
First I made a coffee filter wreath. (Easy peasy tutorial down below.) Everyone in blogland is doing these, so thought my house was probably wanting one too. I think I heard it calling for one. Then I made a little string of hearts to put on it, got a few red frames together and ta-da....Valentines.

Oh, but we're not done yet. Emma and I decided to go around the house and find everything that was pink and red and make a little display out of it too. Here were our finds:
We just filled a glass picture and stacked some more on a cake stand.
And here's our little Valentines display for the top of the girls play kitchen, made with Emmas love:)

There are billions of helpful tutorials out there on these coffee filter decorations, so why not one more:

All I did was take one of these wreaths I got at a garage sale(3 for $1!!) , about 125 coffee filters (A pack of 160 at the dollar store), a hot glue gun and sticks, a big fat marker(or any tip)  and about an hour of your time.
I had to use the yarn and scissors to cover the wreath. This one had the plastic taken off, so I put some saran wrap on it. (less mess)
The you just take your marker and gather the coffee filter around it like this:
Then you put hot glue on that whole surface(the size of the marker lid) and stick it on the wreath.(hold for about 5 seconds) Do that all the way around it and that's it!
One thing I learned when I made a lampshade in THIS post was that you can do it with a pretty big tip.(I used a smaller one, and it took waaay too long) You also don't have to have each one touching the next. I leave a tiny space in between and it still fluffs out enough that it looks great. My lamp ended up so tight its crazy! And I used way more time and way more filters than I needed to.

We have also been scribbling hearts and love messages on all our chalkboards at home. So for a whole month....Love is in the air.

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