Friday, January 27, 2012

#13, Armoir

I got this armour yeeeeeears ago from my bestie, Trish. I just love it. When we were about to move down here I decided it needed to be painted. My only mistake was not sealing it before we left. Holding our tv in our room I didn't really think it needed it. But the move did not do it well. It is covered in scratches, chips and dirtiness.It didn't help that it got loaded and unloaded a few more times than planned and sat in storage for 6 weeks....poor girl. I wanted to paint her a pale gray, but it ended up being a little bluey-gray. I love it though with the black hardware. When we move back she will have to be done again and I'm thinking of a darker gray or distressed white for in my craft room. Here she is before and after.
(Please excuse the mess and lack of props. This moving thing (and moving again thing) has made the furniture pictures a little less than par. In about June we should be back to better quality:)
#13 down. I may need to speed things up. I feel the big 3-0 speeding up on me like a tornado.  (does that make sense?)
And I've been thinking lately...What will I do when my 30 before 30 is up?!??!?! A new countdown....a new goal perhaps. Maybe a goal of how many to sell.....ANY IDEAS from my 'faithful??'' readers? I know theres more of you out there than admitting it:) I have stats people...I know there are more than 18 of you reading...FOLLOW ME!! :) I was very excited to find that I had 1,050 page views last month! Off to Long Beach for a weekend of DIY decorating and moving!!!

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