Saturday, January 28, 2012

My random traveling thoughts..part 1

*I wrote these ramblings last night on my way to Long Beach....they are RAMBLINGS. My friend says that's when I'm at my funniest...I was texting her not stop and she told me to blog it. That may be her way of telling me to shut up...but I'm good with it. The only problem is that sometimes I need to be censored. She doesn't  think so, but shes just that kind of girl:) The next few days will be bear with me. I'm trying something new. Here goes.....
I'm in the Las Vegas airport. I'm bored. I'm scared that I may have to use the white bag again. That's embarrassing. I also have to pee. I hate airplane bathrooms. What if they suck u in? Or you get locked in? Hold it, or pee? That is the question. Then there's the seating worry. Who will I sit by? Will they want to talk too much? Will I want to talk to much? Should I pretend I'm mute? Yes...that's what I'll do:)
I'm going to pee. Pause please...
That's the third time since I got here. That's how much I hate the plane bathroom....the plane monster.
Then there's the armrest issue. Who gets it? First come first serve ? Bigger guy gets it? I'm finding its a "nice guy finishes last" kind of thing.
and  there's the complimentary drink....should I? Its free.....but then will have to pee!!
I'm the first in my row....window seat..yes! Thanks Trish!  ooooh, someone enjoyed some garlic delight today and for once it wasn't me:)
Oh man that's bad. Note to self: Don't do it to your neighbors before your flight!
Two people offered to help the girls on front of me life their bags up. So nice that there are still nice people  out there.
Ok, the two ladies are here. She got the armrest. Thats what you get when youre on your phone:) I got the window one though..Im good:) Its the middle seat thats the bad one.
Electronics off....peace out.

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  1. I was gonna write a really long, supportive, comment about your blog & what a terrific creative outlet it can be for you ... but a Southwest Airlines commercial just came on and I have to pee ...


    keep it up girl