Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunny days are here again!

Just a little message from one of my custom gate signs on this SUNNY SPRING day in Sandpoint!!! 

Heres what I'm working on this week....It was a wreck and is getting a total transformation!!!

To be Continued..........

Monday, March 17, 2014

A barn bed for Carter

Ever since we made our bed last month we have been drawing up plans for more like crazy.  First, Brandon was hired to make one for his good friends son. He wanted to make it a little more childlike so made it with a barn peak. Carter also got to pick out the light for it, which was one of our favorites, good taste Carter! He also made little steps for it since it's big and chunky and it's occupant is a small cutie:) Here it is in the making....( we get going and forget to get many shots of the process:)



Here it is finished in its new home:



And one happy little boy:)


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Funky Junk 2013

I know this post is a little late, but better late than never, right?
Last years September Funky Junk show was so much fun! And such a whirlwind, I did not get nearly enough pictures sadly! I spent way too much time at the beach with my girlies last summer and had to cram for the last month to get ready for this show. I bought two booths this year, so had a lot of space to fill! Here are a few shots of the fun! I cant wait until this labor day to do it all again. I'm hoping to do a couple more shows this summer, but this one will always be one of my favorites!!

I loved this giant metal number sign I painted. I actually bought this piece of metal at 2012s Funky Junk Sale!

 Beautiful farm on a beautiful day! Talk about Location Location, Location!!

 I collected so many little goodies for this sale! It took 4 ladders, made into 2 shelves with 8 shutters to hold all the goodness. One side:

And the other side: (yes I had a rusty metal toolbox obsession last year  :)


  Funky Junk Jennifer with the kids!

 One of the funnest parts about this sale was the three of us getting to have booths next to eachother. (Abby at Recycled Love and Kari from Grouse Point Farms) What a great weekend!

And my wonderful helpers: The girls.

..and Becky, 

And Kristine!.....What a great crew!!

Here was Abbys adorable check out station:

And Kari's fancy booth:

Jennifer does so much advertising and networking for these crowds:

I cant wait for Labor Day Weekend 2014!

(The last 11 beautiful photos were taken by Burnett Photography) 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The troublesome table..

I got this table on our local 'facebook yardsale' page and had a vision in mind. I wanted to try the new 'gray barwood' stain. I learned quickly after numerous attempts that it wasn't happening on this kind of wood. I wish I had pictures to show you the process, but right now, they are MIA. 

Anyways, after not getting the result i wanted I decided to paint the tabletop gray and then stain over it to still give it a look I was going to be happy with.  Here is is finished at the Vintage Farmhouse sale. That glare doesn't make for the best picture, but the next up close up one gives you the idea.

I always love doing tables, its the finding of and doing the chairs that could drive a woman mad:)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hawaii, please

I just realized I never posted the other wedding pictures I made signs for, once they were at the wedding!!
So, here's some more summer we can wish for:)
I had a cousin through marriage that I loved hanging with as a child, but don't get to see anymore. So when Annalee contacted me to do a few custom signs for her wedding I was thrilled!
Annalee and Donald had an amazing Hawaii wedding. Sooooo breathtaking!

Here are the signs I made for them:

And heres a couple other shots, because they are that Beautiful:) And because its not really fair that signs Ive made got to Hawaii, and I never have!!! :)

(All photos courtesy of Ashah Phtography)

 Thanks Ladds!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Caulked keyholes?!

Another piece I did this summer.....
I found this beauty, who needed a lot of love. The top had some pretty bad gouges on one side, but I still wanted to be able to keep some wood showing. And as you can see it was missing a drawer. I decided to paint the frame and top, stain the drawers and make the missing drawer into a shelf. 
Someone had caulked the keyholes(how dare them?) and then colored them with black marker....say what?? So, I busted that right out of there and gave her back her beautiful original holes.
(that sounds wrong)

Here she is at the Vintage Farmhouse sale:

And a wonderful customer/friend, Pam took her home and put her to good use:

Stay tuned for more goodness:)..............

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back to the future...

I got so busy last year with so many other things that I have some catching up to do on the old bloggy blog. Which is perfect since its blizzard weather here, and not so furniture friendly. Every few days we trudge out to the shop, and if the weather would WARM-IT-ON-UP quick here I could get back on it a little quicker:) 

So, in the meantime, Ill feature some of my projects from the last year that never made it to the blog. Of course I switched phones last year, so Im a little limited on pictures...lucky you. 
As I am wishing and praying and hoping...for warm weather, Ill start with a summer favorite, a picnic table!
This project only took a few hours. I picked up this old picnic table and loved the chunky-ness and sturdy-ness of it.(both not words i know:)

 Here she is before...Kind of the cool weathered look, but the not so sitting-friendly-sliver-look at the same time:)

And here it is after a few hours of love:

Much better, right?

Happy Wednesday!!