Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some updating while on furniture hold.........

Day four in Vegas!
We’ve been having some fun and getting used to some heat. Luckily we missed the August norms of 115. But its still been quite warm for us. Yesterday we sat out at the pool when it was 103. The girls would stay out all day if we let them. Its all they ask about. We even got daddy in on the fun. Hes not the biggest pool fan, but with Emma being such a fish he just cant pass up the fun.

We also made our first trek out with Mrs. GPS. We went to target and a local cafĂ©/bakery that was fantastic! We didn’t go too far off of a straight shot path, but I’m just trying to slowly learn my way around. There was this place across from target called Layers. Oh, yum! I had this oatmeal, Carmel chocolate bar concoction, while Macie enjoyed a chocolate, nut, gonache bar. Emma picked a sugar cookie because of its cool chocolate and frosting design on the top. The shop was plastered with “Best of Vegas” rating signs, so we knew we were in for a treat. They also have coffee, and delicious sounding lunches. Pastas, organic salads, sandwiches. I will be back for food next time. It was also very cute. Here's the girls enjoying its poshness.

This picture was of course followed by a stomach ache and crying..poor little girly.

We also went on a walk the other night in the in laws neighborhood. Lets rephrase: I ran/walked and the girls rode in the stroller. They called it a walk, but lets be clear…They sat on their dupas while I pushed them around. I tried to run, but those little hills feel a little bigger when you're pushing 75 extra pounds up them. We love this subdivision and can only hope we can live somewhere close to its niceness.

Last night the hubby took us to his favorite which we loved to: Bass Pro Shop. The bass pro shop in Vegas is an experience for sure. Not only were there numerous tanks including a salt water tank full of sharks and sting rays, but it was also a casino!

That's one big sturgeon!!!

 Oh, and two fancy restaurants and a food court. Interesting to say the least. Now I didn’t think this would be the first food I raved about considering my new palate, but I cant pass up a good burger! There was a Johnny Rockets at the food court in the middle of the casino.
Emma and daddy even got up and did a little do-wop dance in the restaurant. It was a great time!

Here's a picture from the Festival we went to. I loove this picture of Macie and grandpa.

This weekend we are headed to our first flea market in the big city..woo hoo!!!! I cannot wait! The hubby and father in law brought me home my first project today that was my favorite!! This great huge, wood framed mirror. Now if I only knew where my sanded and paint were in the storage unit. Lame! Psyched to have a project though since I had to leave most of mine behind in Idaho.
 Thanks for reading! Hopefully soon I will be able to post some new projects and enter some sale booths!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We have arrived

Yesterday at 3:30 we arrived in the big city of Las Vegas.  I almost lost my breakfast on the landing, but I smiled and hid my nausea behind my white face while the girls both squealed with glee. "Mom, can you believe it? We are in Vegas!!!!" We are still looking for a rental and are staying with B's parents until we find it. As I sit here writing this I fear we are already starting to wear out our welcome in this fun house. Emma is sitting behind me playing with the fridge water dispenser, blowing bubbles in her water glass and sneaking into the bag of cookies. Ay yay yay!
I feel very lucky to be staying here with such  generous, real, sweet people. We were greeted at the airport with stuffed animals and flowers, and a princess room of the girls dreams when we arrived at their house!!

 I feel like I'm being a bump on a log not working yet. My first day of Vegas has consisted of the following: woke up at 6, had breakfast, watched TV, went in the pool, had lunch, went on a run, went in the pool again, blog, and now getting ready to go to the (Brat) "Worst festival" in Boulder City. I guess the fact that I've done all this with a 3 and 5 year old make it a little less lazy, but still.

I found out that my 2:00 run in the 91 degree weather was what the locals here point and laugh about, so Glad I learned that lesson early. And shockingly I didn't get lost. I am directionally challenged and with all the houses looking the same here I was a little worried.
Am I right? All the same, but all so cute. I love this neighborhood. Its called Black Mountain Vistas. It just sounds cool, huh?
Well, I have more to write, but if food is the end result of me getting ready, I gots to go! More on our journey soon. I'm finally done packing, and not having to unpack for a little bit, so Ill be back soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too busy to Blog?!

The move is upon us and I haven't had time to blog! Soon, very soon, I will though.  I have actually gotten a couple of pieces of furniture done that I will post soon.
I have also finished up with my current job and am deep into my packing up our family of four. My hubster is already down in Vegas starting work and looking at houses for us. He will be back in 8 days to pack up the moving truck and we will leave here in 12 days!!!
We celebrated our 5th year of marriage last week, a perfect time for our new chapter! Vegas Baby!!! Here's to another 100 years:)

I'm also excited to start blogging some of my foodie adventures. I have been cooking up a storm every time Brandon is home and have finally been hitting some home runs! Five years of sweating in the kitchen and my food is finally delicious. I made chicken and dumplings from scratch that was AAAMAZING!!!! My husband had suggested that I make it for awhile now, so Ive been on the perfect recipe hunt. I finally found one on a blog I've been following  and my hubby and I are oh so thankful to Monica at LickTheBowlGood. We've been loving a lot of her recipes.
I'm also having a hard time getting online lately for more than about 2 minutes. Have any of you heard of the terrible twos? Well at our house we have discovered the Wonderful Three and a halfs! (I say this with a huge grimace on my face and a tear in my eye) This little cutie right here:

Yup, her. She has started to throw some little tantrums that I cannot stop. I have always been able to talk some sense into her, kind of talk her down from her fit....but not these days. She got mad and threw something down in a store the other day and I watched it shatter..... along with some onlookers. Hello people?! Please keep walking. No really please. I beg of you. Go, walk. And then as if someone watching my daughters fit and watching me try to discipline her isn't bad enough I hear "At least it was only a dollar." This man will forever remain on my poo list. If you are ever watching one of these fits please don't give your two cents:) Enough said.
She also has a hard time leaving people, which is very scary with an upcoming move. If she spends any amount of time with those she loves, she cries for at least 15 minutes after leaving them. Screaming crying....
She has also started this weird shoe thing. She never wants to put her shoes on. If I'm lucky enough to get her to put them on as we leave the house, it's sure to be an issue once we get to our destination. When its time to get out of the car at the restaurant, store, day care....its a no go. They are dirty, too hot, or 'have slivers'???? Oh my. Help me Lord get through this phase....and please let them just be phases:)
I have also found a new love that has only intensified my C.O.C (CraftingObsessionCreepiness:) PINTEREST!! I'm in love!
Thank you to everyone who reads.....I'm always surprised and so excited when I talk to people from my past who are reading. And thanks for bearing with me while I'm busy making this move. I'll be back soon!!!