Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The beginning of Macies fashion out Project Runway

My girls, like most I'm sure are obsessed with their baby dolls. They take them to the store, the park, the daycare(me) anywhere we will let them. Macie has been wanting me to make hers some 'fashioning"(her word, not mine.) So yesterday, I got out some old baby clothes I keep saying I'm going to make another quilt out of, and thought I could redo some of them. That way, they actually look somewhat like clothes:)
So I got the stuff out, got in the mood for sewing...and my machine kept jamming. Me and sewing machines....we don't get along:)
So, we got out the hot glue gun and made this for the time being. Macie was oh so thrilled with it.

More to come from Macies baby 'fashioning' line:) The sewing machine and I are going to have a talk today......

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