Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rock a bye baby

The girls have wanted a baby cradle for their dolls for as long as i can remember. We got them a doll bunk bed a few christmas ago, but the cheapo plasic thing was finally breaking down. 
I got this cradle a few days ago and didnt tell the girls about it until i redid it. They were soooo excited:)  Here it is before:

I added a little embelishment to pretty it up and then Emma and I applied a good coat of gray chalk paint. And that was it!
Then of course I had to make some blankies and a piilow for the babies:)

I have some vintage fabric Ive been collecting. I love it so much that I keep 'saving' it. So I think this was the perfect project to use a little. Im made Macie the stripe/flower one and Emma picked out her butterfly/damask one:) The pillow I just traced a crown off this french graphics site and then sewed the pillow. Macie wanted a crown sign I had made, so she was pleasently surprised with the pillow. 

shhhhh, the babies are sleeping.................

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Photo Canvas

I finally made these DIY  photo canvas' Ive wanted to try for so long. I need to get some bigger canvas and do more! These are 8' by 10'. Ive seen a lot of tutorials, and I combined a few to do my own. So easy and quick.
 All I did was get some pictures printed and found the same size canvas'. I had to trim them down a teeny bit with a exacto knife to get them to line up just right. I painted the edges of the canvas a light blue, but will do black next time i think. I put a little mod podge down on the canvas with a sponge brush, placed the picture on top and patted it out flat. Then did the same with the sponge over the top of the picture. I was a little scared to put it on top of the picture, but it turned out great!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A visit from LA

The Smalls came from LA for a wedding earlier this month and I just had to share some shots of the cuties!
Make sure you check her out at one of her fun bloggy blogs! Crazymommadrama and confessions of a pastors wife
Macie and Abbi:)

Mac and Audrey

Friends since birth:)

Macie the little babysitter

Tired baby

Crazy park girls

A little beach time

Love and miss you guys already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My first Funky Junk sale!!!

I wanted to do some before and afters today, but my lack of technological smarts is making it a little hard. I finally got an iphone, which is great! But all my before pictures from the whole summer are on my old phone. I've tried dropbox, an htc downloader, and connecting it to my PC. All without success:) So for now Ill post some pictures of my last show, my biggest show yet.....Funky Junk!!! It was so much fun and a great way to spend Labor Day weekend! Here is our booth ( Amy from Vintage Farmhouse and I)

It was in the feeding barn thingy. Sooo cool. The perfect location for a sale like this!
And here it is after Brandon and I arranged and rearranged(and rearranged) for about 2 hours:

My hubbys got the eye right?????!

Heres the sandwich board I made to put out in front of our booth:

Look at the line!! So exciting:)

Heres a bench of Amy's and a towel/coat rack I made from an old headboard(both of which sold, yay!!)

Here's a table and chairs I redid(bench on the other side built by my dad)(sold)

Heres a vintage dresser I redid. The sides of the drawers are navy blue and the original wood casters are on the bottom. I didnt sell this one and am trying to decide if I should bring it to the Vintage Farmhouse sale tomorrow. I kind of want to keep it:)The stool Ive already made a spot for in our kitchen:)
Heres Amys super cute spindle coffee table(which sold) I wanted it! She made all the little dividers in the bottom from different chair spindles, ax handles etc. How creative!!

Heres my favorite piece I have done thus far!! This beautiful antique desk. 1 of the drawers was missing, so my dad helped me turn the two bottom spots into shelves.
Heres the before and after:
Its so heavy, sturdy and beautiful. I was so glad to see this go to a great home with a new client K, who is now having me help her redo her bedroom. She has such amazing taste for a (17?) year old!

Here are two end tables I did. The legs were actually on a beautiful table I got at my churchs yard sale, but the top needed a lot of work. So we took the legs and made it two baby tables instead:) (sold)

Heres a vintage vanity I redid (that maybe didnt sell because its buried over here:)
Those beautiful vintage butterfly clips were a collection of my friends mother.  The ones that are left will be at the Vintage Farmhouse sale tomorrow! 

Some of my chalkboards at the sale(all sold!)

Some smaller chalk boards and these lovely drawers for storage!
Amy did the adorable "cowgirl" it!

Broken bookshelf turned table/stand/bench and a memo board in the back made out of an old window frame. Cork, magnet and chalk!

Check out that AMAZING coffee table made from an old sled Amy made! 

Coffee table turned burlap bench(sold)

Amys awesome chair, signs, spindle boxes, and milk jug

No joke, this man bought my oars!! You kidding me?! perfect!

Amys handmade cabinets and spindle boxes up top(I think she has one left that she will be selling tomorrow) 

And heres the girls and I modeling Crazymomadrama head wear!

It was sooo much fiun! I cant wait until the next one in April!!!

Come see whats left at Amys Vintage Farmhouse sale tomorrow, Sep 22! Her daughter just got married too at their house, so they are selling bunches of tables and benches in addition to these lovelies.

Heres a few new signs I've been trying out that will be at the sale tomorrow:

Ill also have the vanity, some pretty chairs, a shelf, a dresser, my dishclothes I made, my union jack record player, and much much more!!! Hope to see you there!