Saturday, January 28, 2012

Traveling Randoms PART 2

Im here now. Sunny Long Beach. Waiting Waiting for the tv delivery man so we can our grab some coffee and an everything bagel. Oh yeah I said it. "THE EVERYTHING BAGEL" Who doesn't love these? I mean they have it all:) Literally. It's one of Trish and I's traditions when we hang out .
So the plane ride...not so good. I would like a full refund on the five dollar "Motion Sickness" medicine I purchased. Now that I think about it it didn't say. "Motion Sickness RELIEVER"  Well duh! I must have bought something that CAUSES motion sickness:) Cause who doesn't want a little taste of that sometimes.....
So I was fine until the Final Descent. It was not pretty. My whole body started sweating profusely, my leg was tapping out of control. Ill bet at this point the ladies next to me either thought 1.) I was scared to death or 2.) I had a bomb strapped to my chest. They figured it out soon enough...............when I had a plastic bag strapped around my entire face. Literally. Really seriously. I started rummaging through the pocket in front of me when I knew the horror was coming. All I could feel around for was the stupid inserts from my magazine I had stuck in there. So I grab the bag that my magazine and snack came in and start pouring it out onto the floor. And then it happened. 4 times. I was so humiliated I just stuck my whole head into the bag. ( I was thinking about my friend Kelsies advice 20 minutes before about asking for a trash can so you wont gross people out.) Then we landed. The two women would not make eye contact with me and my eyes were watering. I then looked up and saw the white bags in the seat in front of me that I had mistaken in my panic for paper. The airplane not only has chinced up on the bag quality so badly that I thought they were magazine inserts, but it was so dark on the plane I had no way of seeing them until the lights came on when we landed.
It was not good. It was gross and I am now dreading the plane ride home for I know my fate. Ew.
I did however get driven directly to my favorite restaurant, PF Changs and refueled my stomach for 2 hours:) mmmmm. And I tried this desert for the first time. OMG. Delicioso. Banana wantons with Carmel sauce, vanilla ice cream and HUGE berries.

Yay for PF Changs.
Boo for barf.

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  1. Have you ever tried Dramamine? It totally knocks me out. Don't think I could get sick if I tried. If you don't have to drive yourself home from the airport it might do the trick for ya! I'd say give it 30 minutes to an hour to do it's thing. You might still need the barf bag for drool :) happy flying!!