Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lovin me some yellow #10

I got this peice in the lumber pile at the dump before I left. I knew pieces were going to have to be left behind if I didnt get them done, so I decided it was time to try out my yellow idea. I had wanted to do an entire peice a bright, but bold yellow and I figued this was the piece for it. It wasnt too big and needed a lot of life.

I did the hinges and these pulls I had taken off a drawer at the dump in white, but I'm thinking this part of her will change. She lives quietly in my new closet, as there is no real extra little space to put her in the townhouse. She holds all my beautiful jewelry and yummy smelling goodies.

Any ideas on hardware or colors? Im going to go look at my favorite clearance hardware bin at Anthro since we have one here:) For now, shes hiding out and loving her new makeover:)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011


We took a trip to Long Beach a couple weeks ago to see our lovely friends, the Smalls. The girls got to experience their first time at the ocean and at the San Diego Zoo! I remember both of those things as a child, so it was so fun to get to show these two things to our daughters! We kept talking about how they would react to the ocean since they are so used to the lake, and their reactions didn't let us down. They were jumping over the waves, running from the tide and giggling the whole time.  It was so fun to watch. They had a blast too, especially getting to reunite with their friends from Idaho. Here are some of my favorite shots of the weekend.
I couldn't for the life of me get them to jump at the same time:)

Go Abbi!

The cute Smalls
Our super pose

Our 'race'

Which turned into..."Hey, where'd you go??".....
Which turned into this. I should of known:)

The three blondies

Best Buddies

They were pressed up on the glass right by us! You could see each hair on them!

Emmys giraffes

A Mommy hippo and her baby!

Are you still with me???  Lots of photos for lots of fun! We had such a great visit and cant wait for the next!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

I'm sorely missing my friends and family back home, but very thankful for the family we have here in our new home, Vegas. I've never been away from Idaho for thanksgiving, so I had a few 'moments' this morning, but am going to have a great day. We are over at the in laws and my mouth is salivating just smelling the house. Yum! We are going to have a veggie tray, bean dip, stuffed mushrooms, crackers and pepper jelly for appetizers. We've already been having pumpkin muffins. For dinner we will have turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, rolls, cranberry, and stuffing. And for desert grandma made a cheesecake, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. This all for 4 adults and two kids. Can you say YUM! and SPOILED! So excited.
Last week Alina got to come stay for a few day and we were sooo sad to see her leave. It was great having a piece of home here with us. We cooked, ate, chilled, and of course took her for her first time to the to the dam:) Here's some shots of that dam place:)

Love you Chuchie!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Redo, finally!!!!!!!

Before I left Idaho I bought a piece from a friend that I planned to redo and sell. It was so big I knew my hubby was going to hate LOVE to move it all the way to Vegas:) So luckily when I hauled it home I got a taker right out of the back of the truck. I then offered to help redo it and we got to work. My good friend Alina(Chuchie) was my customer once again. We got to work looking at colors.

There are waaaay too many blues and greens out there.
We got to work sanding every day after work. Stained the top and painted her pretty. After starting to distress it we decided to go on a limb and try the staining over paint technique and looooved the results. She turned out so lovely. Here she is before and after:


We almost left the top after sanding. Isn't it beautiful?
The top stained and distressing the paint.

AFTER in its new home in Colorado.

(the only problem being that we were missing a handle on the bottom. I think it made its way into my work bag and we didnt discover it missing until it was all packed away:) So this weekend the mystery will be solved when I unpack)
What do you think?? I think its my favorite piece yet. Its sentimental because it was the last days we got to spend together before we both moved. We had a lot of fun. (8 days til she visits!!)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Halloween in Nevada

We just finished up our first Halloween in Nevada and had a great time! We were still at the grandparents house, so had to try to make decor and costumes out of as little as possible with all of our craft stuff being in storage. I think we did a pretty good job. We did skeleton, spider, bat and pumpkin crafts all month and grandma let us hang them around the house.
We made Emmas wig, Macie shoes and shirt. Our friend Trish made her headband, and both their tutus. We got Emmas dress on clearance at Ross and Macs wings at the dollar store. We convinced them that they were the "special" Rapunzel and Tink to get out of getting the $40 costumes:)  We went trick or treating at a shopping area called "The District" and had a great time seeing all the cute costumes and got lots of candy. My camera doesn't take the best night pictures, so bear with them. I wanted to just show how beautiful it was there. (Maybe a new camera for Christmas B? :) :)
Our homemade Tink and Repunzel

We made pom poms and ran them across the kitchen
Emmys cotton ball ghost
The girls spider-webbed room

Macies halloween gallery
The District for trick or treating

 Little Trooper....her wig was sooo heavy.
Mac had a broken pair of flip flops so we taped them up green and made the Tink pom poms

We loved having our first WARM Halloween. I think the thermometer said 71 when we were out. Its the first time we didn't have to plan our costumes around coats:)