Custom Orders

I have been getting a lot of orders lately for projects I am doing and have gotten even more requests to refurbish or redo pieces that people already have. 
I am beyond thrilled and excited to be doing so much of what I love. I thought I would put up a little info about that side of things since people have been asking. 

A lot of my items are one of a kind, since they are pieces I find thrifting or at sales. I can, however always take orders for specific pieces. (ie: a certain style dresser/armour with approximate dimensions), be on the lookout for them and do them as you wish. Either things you've seen me do on my blog or other ideas you have seen. My signs can be ordered with the quotes you have seen, or one of your own. I make most of them on pallets, gates, old signs, old barn wood, things I have found and am repurposing. I do them based on the approximate size the customer wants. 

As for redoing things you already own, I take a look at the piece, we discuss what you would like me to do to it and I quote a price. A lot of people ask for a price sheet, but each piece is so different. I will be adding to this page as time goes on, so check back and please email me at 

To see examples of pieces I have done for customers click on the label: 'custom order' on my home page.

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