Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunshiney day!

We got to hang at the beach yesterday with my best friend, 'ween' and her little ones. I only got one shot, but even it shows how blessed we are to live in Gods country!

I also did get this shot of her CUTIE, Cruz! Look at this babe!

And these flowers came from her garden. They were screaming to be loved, so I stole some:) Ok, I asked first. They are so pretty they almost look fake!

Thanks for the fun day ween!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

One of a kind dishtowels anyone??

I forgot to post pictures of the dishtowels I made at my booth at Foxs. I sold the couple that I made at the last Vintage Farmhouse Sale, so whipped up some more for my booth. How cute are they?? I can also make custom ones(like initials, monograms, you name it:)



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Support crafters!!!

I got this awesome chippy dirty old wood the other day and couldnt wait to make something with it. I know that sounds weird, but its sooo cool looking. I love the old, the retro, the chips, the peels.....most of it that is:)
It was my dads gf's birthday yesterday so I whipped this up and have to say...I kind of want one.

I also added a few things to my little booth at Foxs Fun Factory:) I thought I'd share some of them with you to entice you to go take a look:)
Here are these rings Ive wanted to make for awhile. Thanks to W and J for my amazon gift cards I finally could order the supplies. There are rings and earrings. Each $6.50

Silver w/ blue flower,  gun metal with coral flower, pink with ivory flower, teal with coral flower, red, yellow and coral earrings.
I have lots more to make, but wanted to see how they would sell. Let me know what you think!

Heres my favorite chalk board I have displayed over there. 

And this cute little nightstand w/coral anthro knob

And if any of you are headed to a baby shower or to greet a new baby this summer make sure you stop by to grab one of these great wipe holders:

The Foxs crafters mall is right on hwy 200 across from the mall entrance by Deitrich. And are open Mon-Sat. 10-6. There are about 50 different vendors who sell there, so theres something for everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My hands are on fire! (and a recipe:)

I know most people have heard the warnings.  I  have heard the warnings. But I ignored them. And I am paying the price. Oh, yes, the jalapeno burn price:) 
I decided to post this to save all my friends out there the burn. Oooooooh the burn!!! 
The other night I decided to make up one of our favorite snacks for an appetizer since my dad was making dinner. (I will post the easy peasy recipe at the end, even though I am mad at it) I was in a hurry and gutting jalapenos with a knife like always, but then also with my hands to speed up the process. I was so worried about getting all those little firey seeds out that I seemed to forget exactly what I was doing. When I was done gutting 10 of them I washed my hands like I always do. But I guess because I was scraping them with my hands so much, which is not the norm...the simple handwash did not do the trick.
 I reached up and itched my nose....
oh no. oh no. no, not the buuuurn!
about 30 seconds later my dad walked in, and I think I had tears in my eyes. My nose was on FIRE!!!!! Oh my burning nose! Who knew your skin could burn like that???
Not me. Thats for sure. It burned for atleast 30 minutes.
This is not the end of my tale. Oh no. I wish it were.
I went out to my dads to eat and my hands started to burn. Oh did they burn!! It felt like I had touched a hot pan for a second. It just wouldnt ease up. I complained a little and of course all my dad could do was snicker a bit and say "gloves, Aprill, gloves" 
Thanks dad-o.
Now this was 2 days ago...and still every morning after I shower, they burn again!!!! What the heckel??? Why?? Water activating burning? Sounds wrong to me.
So from now on, I will be wearing full on, up to the elbow (or maybe even armpit) gloves when I go within 10 feet of a jalepeno. 
They can and will get you!!! Watch out friends!
Who knew there were mountain hardwear gloves called : Jalapeno gloves:)

So, the simple but delicious recipe is:
cut the jalapenos in half, lengthwise and completely scrape out all the seeds. (with gloves!!!, for the love of your skin!)Lay them on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until they are lighter green and curling at the edges a little(once they lose their crunch)
Then you mix in crushed up bacon and cream cheese(about 8 oz. for 10 jalepenos, so 20 halves) in a baggie and cut off the corner. 
Take the jalepenos out of the oven and squeeze your cream cheese mixture into the shells. Stick them back into the oven about 10-17 minutes or until the cream cheese turns light brown on top. 
BUT, a WARNING!!!!: Some of them are hotter than a slap-yo-momma hot! and some are deliciously mild. I like to call it a game of Russian roulette. You dont know what you are going to get. After 2 of the hot ones in a row I had to quit the game this time. I fold. 
Now, if you really love them like my dad, there is a cool little rack you can buy for cooking them! Then you just cut the top off and stuff them. in the beginning and let the mixture cook the whole time. Look at this thing:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fun visit!

A couple weeks ago we had a visit from the inlaws and had so much fun! They live on the other side of the state now, so we havent seen them in about a year! The girls got to have a sleepover at vava and popos friends, have 3 sleepovers with them here, a BBQ, a shopping trip, out to dinner.....waaaay too much fun:) Here are some of the shots:
Vava, Macie and cute little Pistol

Emmy and Aunt Kristi

Me, Brandon, Gransma and Grandpa May

Macie, Emma, Uncle Jan and Aunt Kristi

Brandon and Uncle Chris(bromancing)

Mac,Emma and Popo

Love you guys! And miss you already!


I am trying to sell a few bigger items on a local websight and people keep asking about all the furniture in the background. SO, I thought Id give a quick inventory of what is available right now so I can direct everyone here.
Full size fabric headboard (AMy Butler) $35

Blue Shabby Chich solid wood chair-$30

Green distressed chair -$25
White distressed with Chevron seat-$35

White with green distressed soild wood. $15 each

Brown/white distressed stool with blue '3' on the top-$15

Buffet/dresser-2 bottom shelves perfect for baskets, wine.-$115

Dark stained redone top, white distressed bottom table-$100
(chairs not included)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#29 and sold!

I redid this chair for the Vintage Farmhouse Sale and before I even got it there it was sold! (Thanks S! Love my friends!) 

And after:

Monday, June 18, 2012

recap of a crazy week and # 26 , 27 and 28!

Its been a week since I blogged and a lot has happened this week! So I thought Id give a quick recap!
I turned 29 and my hubby gave me the most AMAZE-balls birthday ever! First a sign for my business, which makes me feel so supported in my crazy endeavors!Check it out!

I went and had my free breakfast at Panhandler pies and got serenaded by the whole restaurant(there was 3 tables , but still:)
Macie had kindergarten graduation that day and we couldn't be prouder!! Where did the time go?!

yes, Emma was having fun:)

Then, he arranged for a babysitter and took me to town to 'kill some time'. We realized we had never gone bowling together so i was super pumped to go with him.....only to sadly realize our alley had closed! So instead we went to the lovely Eicharts and had a delicious cider and garlic fries. Those things are to die for!

Then I got blindfolded and taken to .....a SURPRISE party with a lot of my loved ones! What a sneaky little hubby I have! And wonderful!!! I don't have any pictures to put up yet because once again I still cant get the pictures off that darn camera! Thank you to all my friends who helped! It was the best birthday Ive had in 29 years!

This weekend I got to be part of the second Vintage Farmhouse Sale and it was such a success! I have two big pieces that I took that are still for sale.
Here are the before and afters:

This dresser/buffet before:

After, at the sale:
The bottom fits about 48 wine bottles perfectly!
(or 2 -4 baskets, or little curtains)

And after, during the sale:)
I had planned on putting handles on it, but Amy had this great idea. So I went home, printed a stencil and sat there at the sale updating it. What do you think??

And now that it is here in my dining room, I'm tempted to keep it:)

But, alas, it is for sale.
$100 will get it for your home:) SOLD

The other piece is a table that had a veneer top to begin with:

My hubby and my dad redid the top for me, We were going to do pallet boards, but had this cool barn wood looking pieces.

I stained the top and painted and distressed the bottom. And here it is finished at the sale:

$100 will get you this one too! (SOLD)

I love both of these and am sad to let them go. But, who needs 2 kitchen tables?? :)

And lastly, today I opened up a booth at the local 'Crafters Mall'. Here's a sneak peak at my first set up of the space:

Its a pretty small space, so while I'm trying to figure out how to get more furniture pieces in there here's an idea of what you can find there for now:
custom dishtowels, nightstands, chairs, chalk boards, jewelry/memo boards, pin cushions, baby wipe cases, lace jar vases and some decorative dishes.

Make sure you you check it out along with all the other booths at Foxs Fun Factory Crafters Mall on hwy 200 across from the mall!!!

That side table up there is #28 and I didnt get a shot before putting it in my booth! Here is the before:

**UPDATE: It just sold, but here she is:)

ONLY 2 more to my 30 before 30!!! Then what?! ANy ideas??

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Spicy Garlic Shrimp and pasta

Can you say deliciousness??? My dad  and I were out working on some projects the other night and he invited me in for dinner. I am always surprised by how quick and simple this dish is for how amazing it is. 

All he does is saute the shrimp (or you could do chicken) in a delicious amount of butter and garlic for a few minutes until beautifully pink.
In the meantime, boil the noodles(we used linguine, but ANY will do).
In the last couple minutes he added some crushed red pepper flakes and the noodles.
He also added some asparagus from his garden this time in while sauteing. Then add the noodles to the rest and toss.
OMG. Yup, I said it, O to the M to the G. So good and so simple. 
Thanks pops!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiration everywhere!

 My craft room is finally coming together! I cant show you a full room view right now because its still a bit of a mess. One closet is Brandons "man closet?" and the girls bookshelf and kitchen are in here. My little nook, though, is pretty dreamy. I could sit in here all day. (and have so far today:) Here are a few shots.....

Some favorite things that give me inspiration!

My price tags(right in my face so I will make more:) (And my afv knobs yelling at me "USE ME!!"
I'm going to make my own "B" stamp this week.
I just discovered how when I was looking for a chevron stamp last month for a project for a friend. They were so expensive I got my own speedball rubber and carver and made my own. I am now a stamp making addict! I stamped fabric with them and have now opened up a whole new bag of worms I am obsessed with. I'm now planning curtains, clothing, a shower curtain, dish towels.  More on this later in the week!! Heres a sneak peek:

I cant get enough of this washi tape! So many uses. I think sometimes I go overboard!

This was in an old hideous frame I am painting. How cute is this little vintage oil painting?!
Some thread, some embellishments and some fabrics I'm currently using.

All in the knick of time. My hubby is here so I am having a hard time making myself work, but have so much to do. I am so thankful to be in the middle of 2 custom signs, designing a nursery(plus designing a beautiful baby shower:), helping a friend redo a few rooms in her home, making some custom baby onesies and doing 4 signs and a chalkboard for a wedding! I also just finished a project I am so excited about for a friends bachelorette gift! As soon as I can figure out how to get them off this camera I will post them.
Oh, and theres the Vintage Farmhouse sale next weekend that I need to get some more pieces done for!!