Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vinyl Floor Mat Painted...A Tutorial

I've done it again. I started making something....I love it so I'm already onto another. Too bad I don't have many hard floors in my house. I would love to do a large one of these in a family room or play room. Someday maybe:) I saw this on pinterest.

How beautiful of a playroom is that?? It got me thinking....
My whole point of doing my crafts is to make beautiful things rather than spending insane amounts of money on someone else making them. Well, this kind of flooring.....still mucho expensive. So I saw the word vinyl and thought.."I'm going to just TRY it with my plain ol linoleum remnants I got. And....i think it turned out pretty darn cute.
The pieces I had had some grooves in them in the pattern. The same one I had for THIS project. So, I just turned it over and did it on the underside....what could it hurt right? I painted it first with 'Bullseye' primer and sealer. I usually use this for priming fake and laminated furniture so the paint will this might work:) Then I just used plain ol latex paint I had from all my furniture projects. I did a white coat underneath, and then taped off the pattern I wanted. I was going to do black and white, but hate how every little thing shows up on black. So I decided to mix some black and white I had and made my own gray. I looove it.
The taping off took me the longest, because me and numbers....not best friends.

I used my frog tape because I-LOVE-IT. It has never torn off any paint underneath...and I have never had the paint seep under it. Its great. I didn't want to waste it so I taped the inside with my hubbys painter tape.
And here it is:
Right next to the one from THIS post.
Then I just did about 5 coats of polyurethane. This way I can wipe it clean and the paint wont chip.
What do you think? Anyone else of think of painting crazy things?

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  1. I made a couple of these several years ago, on the back of scrap vinyl. But since then, I actually painted my vinyl (kitchen) floor! :)
    thank you for linking up and linking back to Catch as Catch Can

    1. Really?! I knew I wasnt the only crazy one. You probably knew what you were doing too:)I will have to go look at that! I love your work!! (Mine is curling at the edges a little becasue its the underside...did yours do that?)