Friday, January 6, 2012

Long beach came to Vegas!

My good friend Trish and her kiddos finally got to come to see us here. We had a limited amount of time, but squeezed in as much as we could while she was here.
We tried our hand at making some custom crib bedding for a friend of ours. It was quite the adventure, but it turned out way cute.

We also went to M and M world and watched the movie, went to see the Lions at the MGM Grand and got the laugh of a lifetime from Trish daughter Abbi. Im so bummed I didn’t get any shots, but she was so hilarious on the strip. They have all these characters walking the strip so you’ll pay to have your picture taken with them. Abbi was dancing with hello kitty in her cowgirl boots. Everyone walking by was laughing so hard. It was the cutest thing!

3D baby
No, those arent our children climbing on the wall...hehehe
Oh the blackmail:) I cant believe these are the same two blondies we have
 pictures of in the bath together before they were even 1!!
Thanks for the visit guys!! Now come back!!

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