Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Who Who

I was browsing through my phone and found some pictures of some decor I was doing when I moved, so I thought Id share a couple. I had seen an owl on another blog someone had redone white and loved the idea. I had been on the lookout and got lucky at a second hand store in Sandpoint. My girls thought it had a "mean scary look" so I had to hide it until I could get to it. Here he is before:
And now:) Just some white spray paint. Isn't he chic?!

And here is a lamp before:
And both after. I did did the coffee filter project I saw on I also found some cute wire baskets at the dollar store that were bright green that I painted. And filled them with some balls I wrapped in fabric.

Better pictures to follow, these were all I got while packing. The lighting was horrible.
Cute? What do you think?
I cant wait to decorate my new home with some of my goodies and the new ones to come!

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