Sunday, December 9, 2012

HUGE Christmas sale

Who couldn't be jolly this time of year?! Especially here in North Idaho right now. We just got a fresh batch of snow that is sticking around for awhile and it is soo beautiful! It really makes it seem like the Christmas season. Its been so long since Ive blogged I am about to throw out a whole lot of pics and info. Heres some of the winter fun we've been having:

Santa!! (So sweet, Emma told him she wanted a "jiggly" tooth brush(the electric one), so she is convinced, and fine with that is all she is getting for Christmas:) I love these young years, when they are still so easily made happy with  little toys and simple things)

A morning at Macies school. 

Helped my bestie decorate the church stage for the season

Its the holidays in here!!

Decorating up the house

Brandon took the girls into the woods in the back and let them pick out the tree this year:) and I then let them decorate it. It was soo hard for me when I'm so set in my ways about the decor, but I let go, and they LOVE it! Next year, I think we'll have two:) One for them and one for me:)


And last weekend I had the privilege to sell at a great annual show "Home for the Holidays". It was so fun! Here are some pictures of my booth and what I still have for sale. I've lowered prices as we get closer to Christmas, so contact me for questions!

One view of my booth
(Still for sale: "On Lake time" barnwood signs-$20
'Noel' and 'Peace' barnwood signs-$12
'Joy' blocks -$8
earrings and rings-$6.50
dishtowels-chevron and anchors-$5

Still for sale:
gray baby cradle from this post-$30
gray chair-$22

Still for sale: 
'home is where the anchor drops' sign-$20
"LOVE" sign-$15
"Let it snow' barnwood sign-$20
6' growth charts-$20
burlap stockings-$15

joy manger sign-$20

Grateful barnwood sign-$12

Growth charts in the back still for sale-$20
childrens vintage anchor chairs-$10 each
burlap stockings-$15
Let it snow sign-$20




Buy local, peeps! Handmade love is the best kind of gift:)
Happy Holidays!!!!