Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Farmhouse Sale Saturday!!!

So, I was crossing my fingers for the Farmers Market to reply a BIG-FAT-YES before Lost in the 50's weekend got here, but I guess I will continue to cross them:) Its such a busy weekend downtown, maybe too busy for me:)
I am, though, SOOOO excited to be doing a different event this Saturday. I was going to go shop there and my friends said "Hello, why don't you sell there???" And Amy was kind enough to let me in at the last minute. So today and tomorrow you can guess what I will be doing! I have sooo much to do. Mom, can you come play with my babies please????? She is having a Vintage Farmhouse Sale!!! She makes the most awesome stuff, so I either have to put my blinders on and not let myself look, or be prepared to buy as much as I sell:)
Come take a look peeps. If I can get a couple pieces done I will have some bigger stuff out there. She lives right down my road, so I can actually haul some bigger pieces over there. Everything will be antique, farmhouse, shabby chic. You will not want to miss this!! She is going to do it once a month, so make sure you make it! She is also going to have homemade scones and doughnuts there! I can taste the scones now.....
I cant post without a picture, so here's my newest sign that will be at the sale Saturday:

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  1. I read about the sale at Amy's on facebook, VERY exciting!! I just bought a ton of stuff from facebook yardsaler Charlene Evans Kerr that Im picking up today. I want to go to the sale tomorrow but my pocketbook is saying, nooooooo.... :o| Next time for sure :O) Im glad that you'll be selling there, a perfect addition!

    Lorri Thompson