Thursday, May 3, 2012

I pushed 'SEND'....and the CUTEST thing you will ever see

I did it! I sent off my Farmers Market application and pictures 2 minutes ago!! Everyone keeps telling me how strict they are, how fast they fill up and how choosy they I'm a little nervous. But here's hoping!!! Cross your fingers, toes, and hair for me this week!!

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I added some advertising to my page. I am keeping it to a minimum and will edit as it comes so you will not be bombarded with crazy adds. Just part of trying to grow my blog and business. 2 days and I've already made .27. Ya, watch out peeps:) 
Oh Ya!!:)

And on a random side note, if this doesn't make you want to have another baby, I don't know what does.
 It may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

And one more random thought....because I'm random.
 And I can.
My dad gave me an awesome huge old burlap sack. I have always wanted to make decorative pillows and cover some seat chairs with them but have struggled with the texture. They are so itchy!!!! Who wants their butt or their arm on an itchy mc-itchiness?!?!
BUT, I know they are oh so cute and very popular.
I think Ill give it a go.
Who's buying?
I need a show of hands (ok comments), whats your opinion on the itchy-yet-cuteness debate?????

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