Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not this time

SO, I guess its time to tell you all(all 20 of you now! oh, yeah I gained a follower!!) that the Farmers Market gave me a big fat N-to-the-O. Nope, Nada, Uh-uh, no thank you, see ya later. Sad day. In a way I am relieved, but also a little let down. I was really excited about having my creations seen weekly, but I'm looking into other venues now. The gist of the turn down was my pieces are "repurposed not created". Hmmmmmmmmm. 
As I get more and more into what I am doing I am learning and loving it more and more. I am creating so many new things each week. Maybe when I decide to apply somewhere again I will be more set in exactly what I'm putting forth. There are so many things I am doing right now, its hard to fit me into a category. I am redoing, refinishing, revamping, shabby chic-ing, and repurposing furniture, making signs, making decor, interior decorating........and I am loving it all:)                                                      


  1. I'm just sayin, their loss. Dumb. But on the flip side, you know based on the overwhelming response of everyone who sees what you do and your pure love and passion for what you do that this is just one door closing so another must be opening. True. Keep your head up my dear. It is all good things for you from here...,

  2. It's probably just that there is something better waiting...