Thursday, May 24, 2012


Here are some things about me you may not know.
(you may also not want to know.)
(and some of them I should probably not be admitting to)

I have a grammar-spelling disease.(ok, you know that one of you're at my blog, I was just making sure you were awake.)

I love the smell of the air after it rains and after the lawn is mowed.

I love my poofy, cozy, comfy, warm bed.

I think about food 90% of the day

I love the smell of my little girls breath:)

I own (and love) horse tights (thanks Sarah!:)

I think sometimes I am a little A.D.D.

I like to listen to a little Talyor Swift every now and then. ya, i said it!

I am a garage sale addict. (Just one more, just one more)

I have a secret passion to go to culinary school and be a chef

I hope to someday visit New York...and Ireland....and the North Pole?!?!

I own way too many frames

I love Chelsea Handler and Andy Cohen. They make me laugh...out loud...too much.

I make a lot of pillows. Like one a week.(really, my husband asked me last week if we would ever have enough. And I simply told him the truth..."no" there are just too many new ideas popping into my head at all times....too many pillows waiting to be made.)

I have trouble getting the clean laundry into our drawers and closets.

I have a love/hate relationship with redoing chairs. I love the outcome, but HATE painting all those rungs!

I love the real housewives...all of them. New Jersey and Orange County are my faves:)

I look at the dumps lumber pile at least once a week for 'treasures'

I cannot eat chicken at most places. I have a weird food-chewy-texture-phobia(thats the technical term)

I stay up until 11 or midnight most nights crafting or redoing SOMETHING. Its a disease I swear.

I love the hunger games.

I cannot stand top sheets and therefor don't use them...anywhere in my home:)

When I was in junior high my favorite show was the Rosie Odonell show
(now shes unrecognizable to me:(

When I'm alone, I turn the radio full blast and sing at the top of my lungs(Adele at the moment)

I've been to Honduras 3 times and hope to return someday

When I go into your home I am most likely thinking about how I would decorate it or redo a piece of furniture

I love garlic....on everything.

I love the little mermaid(the movie...don't worry I don't have Ariel sheets:)

I sometimes talk mushy baby talk to my hubby..hehe

I love Idaho

I've been to the Hoover Dam 3 times...on 8 months. That damn dam.

I LOVE CHEVRON and 'sad face' my hubby hates it. I would swim in chevron if I this:

I love Symphony chocolate almond toffee bars.

I dream about being on the Nate Berkus show (literally dream, its a little creep)

Yep, I just showed you that:)

Now arent you glad you know all that?!?!?!?!


  1. I wanna hear you sing and why do you hate top sheets? Love you.

    1. You have heard me silly:) Its not pretty. Macie informed me today that it's embarrassing when I do it. Sad! That happens at 6?! And I always get tangles in those evil top sheets!!

  2. I love all these things about you!

  3. Love them all and I think you left some out:)