Thursday, May 10, 2012

No junk in this trunk

Just some quick pics of my booth from last Saturday. Again, I apologize for the quality of the photos. Someday I will have a nicer camera:) These are shots from my phone. It was a huge success and so much fun. I cannot wait to do another one soon.  I am in the process of working on a set of three chairs with some adorable chevron seats, a few cute little end tables and a burlap bench the same size as the one shown below. 
A bench, side table and some chalkboards at my booth
Here's a little of the more "crafty" part of my booth for this particular show

and one last shot of the whole thing...

I'm still crossing my fingers for the Farmers Market to accept me(my fingers are getting sore). I will be doing mainly my furniture, chalk and jewelry boards and signs there. 

Today I got to spend a few minutes outside before my girls started fighting like cats and dogs. I decided to start on a project that I am pumped about. My dad is pretty sure that my great great uncle carved this trunk and he gave it to me last month.

 It is so beautiful with so much character. So far i have uncovered a pink later of paint, a blue layer and a green layer. I sanded it down today and almost want to leave it that way because you can see each color it was painted. I imagine who painted each color for what kind of decor and in which room. I love pieces with some history and past life. My plan is to paint it white and distress it. There is so much detail on it I think white would be beautiful. We have a new sectional couch that takes up quite a bit of room and is in a U shape, so I think this trunk would be the perfect coffee table. Our couch is also dark, so the white will match some pillows to lighten things up. It doubles as storage which is perfect since we are always cuddling up with blankets out in the living room. 
The girls seem to be getting along again, so I'm taking them outside to get some sun......and work on that trunk:)

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