Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i'm still here!!!!

no internet = no blogging = sad day

im at the inlaws for a moment, so thought i would say 'hello' to the blog world real quick. to all 18 of you followers...i have missed you.
just a quick update in the lytton life:
-we had an awesome time in colorado (will post sooon)
-had two more bday parties(brando and emmy)
-macie lost her first tooth
-we did our taxes, which means we are getting enough back to move home!!
-our move is scheduled for april 6(happy bday mom!)

(quick insert for all of you im driving crazy. hehe:i have decided i already suck in the punctuation/grammar dept., so why not let the capitals go too....saves time:)

i cant wait to decorate the house in idaho(again!). im pinning new decor ideas like crazy(i know you already know this...because i have more pinterest followers than i could ever dream of having on my blog:) which is crazy if you think of it. people like following what 'i  like', but not so much what i actually make and think up myself. silly, right?? so ill say it again...follow follow people...i promise more furniture to come soon!! I am so excited that we will be renting my dads place again and we are right by the furniture makeover meka (how DO you spell that?!?!) of the world!!
i am already planning all the makeovers my dad is going to help me with (he doesnt know yet, but he will love it:)

here are my mudroom ideas for papas place. we could so pull these off:

  as for the kitchen, we have a lot of red from our wedding gifts, so i want to incorporate some blue in there....like this:

and this....

all of the above via my pinterest..you can go to them from there)

i have also been doing a lot teal, and a lot of white furniture, so this is my idea for the living room and maybe master also....white furniture, with pops of yellows, aqua and ( and a little orange ):

via(my fave new site for beautiful design, DIY and directions!!)

via( love this blog too!)

so now that i almost finished decorating here, its time to move...dun dun dun.....but the upside: at my dads house, yes its a rental, but its my dads:) so i can paint, and hopefully do some building of furniture and maybe just maybe.....cabinet painting. shhhhh, dont tell my daddy yet:)

so theres my plans. this is what i lay in bed at night thinking about....im a little strange i know. i cant help it. i have to pack and pack and pack, and i need something to look forward to at the end of it all...something to make the packing and unpacking a little less painful. just talking about it is making my heart race.....yikes. here we go again.....
(good thing we saved our boxes!!!)

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  1. Yay Aprill! I'm so glad you're coming back to Sandpoint!!!! Love all your ideas - do the Orange for the mud room, that's my fave :)