Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Beach ate me

I came to visit my friend in Long Beach for her daughters birthday parties. I came a few days early to help with preparations...and decided I would take over as nanny for 2 days. They also have a 3 year old they watch in addition to their 3..and my 2. Oh boy. I forgot how it was to have a baby....well the baby with 5 other kids at the same time part. Here was my day...seriously:
-wake up far too early to have 6 kids in your house
-go to grab a cup of coffee...only to realize the creamer is gone...grrrr.
-1 year old wakes up, change her stinky diaper
-give the one year old a bottle
-feed the one year old breakfast
-wipe the 3 year olds boogers
-get the 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 year old cereal
-change the one year olds diaper again
-take the trash out
-change the 3 year olds pull up (your potty training??...oh.:)
-wipe the 3 year old boogers...again
-pick up toys
-clean up breakfast
-start laundry
-someone comes to get some tables
-read the kids a book
-have a baby race
-wipe the table
-wipe boogers
-change poop
-change pee
-plumber comes 
-snack for all 6
-sweep again
-wipe the table again
-take the trash out again
-play doh
-go over homework with the 7 year old
-put baby down for nap
-change poop
-change pee
-wipe more boogers
-go outside to play
-put a band aide on an owie
-wipe boogers..(seriously kid?!?!)
-the extermintaor comes
-I change a diaper
(By this time its only 10am)

Thats all I have time for.
I need to rest:)

Project "Princess Pony" party underway. 2 days and counting.
And yay for Friday. Trish is taking me to IKEA tonight...
Im an IKEA virgin.
Consider this cherry popped.

Too much?!?!

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