Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yellow Armoir (15)

This is the second peice of furniture we did at my friend Trishs recently. And marks the halfway point of my 30 before 30!!!!
 This large, heavy, old armoire was left in her room by the previous tenants.

 It had so much character Trish just knew she wanted to keep it. We decided to paint it yellow and distress it. After a long debate at Home Depot about this yellow or that yellow Trish won out over my ‘baby poop” yellow choice. The next morning when I went to distress it though, I kind of got my way, on accident(I promise Trish!) I started staining over the paint and loved the look so just kept going and going so much that it kind of turned out a little baby poopy. I was sure Trish would hate it, but she says she likes….so here it is in her room. Its hard to get a good picture of it now that we covered up a window with THIS project. OopsJ

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