Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gate turned Headboard (14)

I went to Long Beach recently to help a friend move. We had a whirlwind weekend trying to tackle too many projects in 2 days. She had been living in a teeny one bedroom apt. as associate pastor at their church. Now they are taking over as lead pastor and were moving into the front 2 bedroom house. She finally got to get her beautiful belongings out of storage and I was happy to help. (Thanks for flying me over Trishy!) We moved in all her things, decorated the living room, repainted 2 pieces and dreamed up and made 2 pieces of our own. Here's the first and my second favorite piece. We get so craft-excited when we finally get together that we throw out like 50 ideas and are complete scatter brains. We were going to make a fabric, tufted headboard for her room, then found one she had in the garage and were going to paint and distress it……and then it happened. This

                                            No, not her helpful bro Chad cleaning up!

You see it right? What we saw?? Yep, that old fence piece…..perfect headboard right?
We had her hubby and brother help us cut it down to size and we went to work.
 It was great because her room layout was strange and this solved the problem. Because of where the windows were her bed had to be sideways. And you walked into the side of it when you came in the room. So, if we made the headboard HUGE and tall we could cover the back window and put the headboard there. Yes, this gave her less natural light, but that outweighed the alternative which was the room being unsymmetrical and so not TRISH-SHUAY. We sanded it, painted it gray, then distressed it so that the white showed through. Isn't it lovely??
I'm in love! I want one now:)

And look at her beautiful living room:

Someday we will live in the same town...and then watch out people!! Great things happen:)

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  1. Very cool and I love her living room too!

  2. Love this!!! It looks great!

  3. oh wow! i love that- so rustic and has a great height!

  4. Very cool! Love the rustic quality.