Friday, February 17, 2012

The flu on your bday???? Not cool!

Macies par-tay was a hit! We had to put it on hold for a day because she got the flu! On her bday! Now that's just not fair right? I didn't think so either. So on her real bday we had a family dinner. The house was already decorated for the canceled party so we just partied it up on our own. Macie picked out daddys outfit. She made him wear a dress shirt(we call his 'sherbert shirt', he has had since we met. Its light orange and baby blue) and a tie. Didn't they all look so lovely?

I cant show all my pictures that I was so excited about yet. I had put in a new SD card that night and for some reason they wont load onto my computer. Ay yay yay. But here are a few from my phone:
More to come later.

I used these cute alphabet cookies as 'place cards' for everyone

She had so much fun on her day-late-birthday! Yay for Mac! Now its 2 days til Brandons and 9 til Emmas. Oh February. I'm thinking I overshot for the first one and now I may disappoint the other two:)

Tonight we head to Colorado to visit our AMAZING family/friend for the weekend. Her birthday was this week too, so we are going to have a quadruple bday celebration. This is our first family vacation if you can believe it. We have never all been on a plane together, so here we go!!!!!!
Here we come Chuchie!!!!!!!

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