Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mermaids, Blondes and Pin cushions

Today was a busy day. But a fun busy day. We set off to the beach and ended up soaking up 6 hours of that lovely North Idaho sun. We even found some mermaids on the beach!
Aren't they cute?! I decided to take a couple of the blond ones home:)
On a quick side note I got two phone calls today regarding people interested in taking our third blond when we move next month. I am so thankful! The fact that there is interest restores my hope in pet lovers:) I am so glad there is interest from some peeps that I know would give him a great home. And also somewhere where we could visit him when we are up. The girls are starting to realize that we have to find him a home and got a little teary eyed tonight. I feel blessed by the mere interest.

We got home and I got a little itch to go spend a little time at the sewing machine. While I was cutting I decided to whip up a couple of these:
Arent these cute for a little 2 minute project? Little Emma wants to have "hair like sissy" so we are trying the treacherous task of growing out the bangs. These will come in handy:)
I got some cute Amy Butler fabric squares and decided I wanted to whip a bunch of these little wrist pin cushions up. I think they would be a great gift for all those sewers and diy girlies out there. Im thinking I will sell them for $5 on Etsy and here on my blog. What do you all think? Worth it?

Would you pay $5 for one of my little hand made cuties?

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