Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Lyttons are moving to Vegas!

Yep, you read it right. We are moving to Las Vegas on September 23rd. The plane tickets are bought, so its really official. Really, Really for reals.
Ok, so really its Henderson, but same diff:) We don't actually have our living arrangements pinned down, so maybe it will be actual Vegas:)
My amazingly providing husband has worked out of town, out of state, across another country at times(Alaska:) for the past 4 years. His dad has offered for him to work with him for years and it is finally time we take him up on it. Its almost hard to believe, my husband will actually be home every night! I cannot believe it, but its going to be!
I am going to be his step mom, Marys assistant at a property managment company. I talked to her today and it sounds like there will be a lot of flexibility and evening and weekend work so I may not even have to send Emmy to daycare! I can finally spend more time at home while still working enough to contribute to the bread winning. My hope is to have more time to work on my blog and furniture and hopefully in the near future make some money at it.
The move will be sad, leaving most of our loved ones behind, but we expect lots of visitors to this city of fun!!
We also will have to say good bye to our adorable, loveable, cute Drake. Drakey McDrakerson, The Drakesters......I mean look at his face......Do you have a good home for him?? We are doing adoption interviews...

please take me and care for me and love me! I love to fetch and to swim. I am great with children...and did I mention I am a full breed?? That means super cute, super cool and really rad:)

So, there it is...a sad, exciting new chapter of The Lytton Life!

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