Thursday, August 18, 2011

A cushion for the tush!!

Another busy day at the Lyttons. Gotta love vacations. With the hunny gone on work I have plenty of time to craft and get some furniture done before the move! I have a feeling I(and the hubs for sure) will have a hard time sticking fugly furniture in the moving truck to move across 2 states. So Im on a marathon to see how much I can get redone in 37 days while working 28 hours a the hardest work we do....the babes.
Today I redid an end table that Im not in love with, but was a free gift from a woman I love:) So I decided to atleast make it tie in with the coffee table. It didnt turn out how I'd hoped, but it's good enough to hitch a ride in the truck to Vegas:)
I also  finally transformed a coffee table into a bench!!! I am in loooove with it! Im finally getting that punch of yellow I needed in my room, Check back tomorrow for the big reveals!

I also went a little crazy on the pin cushions and made 10 for my friends etsy shop. Check em out! What a great little surprise gift for the crafter in your life!
Theyll be up there in a few days once I get the stats and pictures to her. Only $5 made with these adorable Amy Butler fabrics!
Also, BIG NEWS this week....I gained 4 new followers this week!!! Woo Hoo! Im up to the big 1-0. Oh ya, I know you are all super jealous and super super impressed. wink .wink. I'm on my way though. You gotta start somewhere right? My linky partys are working! Thank you so much everyone who became a follower...and to the rest of you: read the sign. It really is ok to be a follower in this case:)
And one more random tidbit to make you laugh.
My daughters have some 'bedtime issues'. They get up a few (ok like 43) times with excuses and reasons they need to come talk to me. It gets better, but then daddy leaves for work again and we start back at square one. If I dont have to work the next morning the girls get to watch a movie in their beds. So tonight, at 11 mind you, I went in to do my nightly OCD cover up(I cant stop) I saw the funniest sight. Emma, our three year old was standing on her floor in front of the tv dancing around to the.....get this.....credits. She loves when the credits play with a good song. But to make it even funnier she was holding up a plastic golf club in each hand waving them around in the air dancing and singing as her 5 year old sister is snoring nearby. Oh, those crazy kids. It was a sight to see. Not laughing? Maybe it was one of those 'had to be there' things:)

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