Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gettin Groovy with Michael Franti

My husband and I got to go to the Festival at Sandpoint to see Michael Franti last night, and had soooo much fun! My little brother watched the babes so we could have a mommy and daddy date night.
 Holla at cha Uncle Beebee. Thank you!!
They had a campout in the back yard while we boogied away at the festival.
We got there early, got a great spot on the lawn and popped open our homeade watermelon wine. Yummy! We met a very nice couple next to us from Spokane that were so sweet. I love the atmosphere there. You lay out your blanket, get to bring your own food and drinks or have amazing food from the vendors, and just relax while listening to amazing music. And let me tell you, Michael Franti was AMAZING! His lyrics are so positive and inspirational. And his upbeat, fun raggae was just so fun to get a little jiggy to. Everyone who knows me knows I cant bust much of a move, but I can raise my arms, and jump up and down with the best of them. It was a blast!
We had some delicious dinner, yummy drinks and great quality time together!
Heres a few shots of the fun: (our silly phones have no flash, so please excuse the bad quality:)

My cutie hubby and I settling in

Loving the Franti!

Rock out baby!!

We also got to go last weekend to the kids special festival. It was the Spokane Youth Orchestra doing a night of disney. The girls LOOVED it! There was face painting, a petting zoo, clowns making balloon animals, a bouncy castle and lots of dancing by our little girls. My childhood friend Sarah was also in town so she took her girls and we all got to hang.

Daddy and Macie

Emma, Macie, Sarah and her beautiful Emma and Eva

The ballarinas

Emma and her goat
I also did a little crafting this week. I tried my hand at my first burlap pillow. What do you think?
It will definatly be a decor pillow(for my new bench thats in the making) , not a lay on pillow. Its rough and gruff and the paint is stiff and hard. Cute though, dont you think?
A little rough around the edges, but I think cute for my first try.
 I also brought a little of my decorating obsession into my workplace:) We sit on these stools all week and my boney bum just couldn't take it anymore. So I unscrewed the top, brought it home and cushioned and prettied her up.

Ahhhhh, thats better
Now I really hope this is just a small town thing, somebody tell me please! I went to get the foam padding for this and for my bench at our local craft store and it was $10.99 a FOOT...... a FOOT!
 I think not. I have to take my hubby to the airport tomorrow, so I will be looking in Coeurd Alene, hoping and praying that there is not a crazy-foam-price epidemic. I, instead used 8 layers of batting I had at home:)

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