Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chuchalina (#8)

Here is a story about a weekend in my life. A silly, silly weekend. I can only laugh about all my mishaps, or I might go crazy. There are a lot of pictures so I will make it short and sweet.

Got a table at the free pile.
Papa carried it home on his bike.

He gave it to our friend Alina.
They asked me to refinish it.
It was a little trashed:

I sanded it.....
and sanded it and sanded it.
And then sanded it a little more.

I thought I had hit the jackpot with this nice new surface I uncovered....
And then I saw this:

No, you didnt. Partical board under like a millionth of an inch of beautiful wood?!?! Who does this? Not cool. Not cool at all. So....I decided I was going to go with it anyway and brought out the stain....
An ebony black stain....it had some promise. And then I wiped off the first coat to see this:

All these sander marks! I think the pad on my sander is a little shabby.
I could not get rid of these no matter how much I resanded..sad.
There was also the issue of the crappy wood underneath not staining evenly.
Sad again.
So I decided to paint it black instead, and I think it worked out lovingly

Here she is after some craziness.
I think she looked so good I didnt even shabby her! Can you believe it? This is the first piece I have left as is after painting. I spray painted the handles too.
I think Alina is going to love her!(Chuchalina to the girls)

Then, because my friend Trish had sent me a video on how to make these easy peasy cutesy flowers, I decided I had to end the weekend by making some for some shirts. Pictures of the girls' to come soon, but heres mine: I love.

So there was my weekend in a nutshell. Another coffee table, another set of mistakes lessons learned the hard way.


  1. I love that coffee table! I might have to come visit you in Vegas for some lessons whenever we can move into a real house and have room to play with furniture!

  2. Love it!!!! Eugene told me to tell you that little bit of pretty wood is called veneer and they use it often with furniture:/ Nice save though she turned out pretty!!!! Oh ya love your DIY rolled rosette shirts. Can't wait for Vegas!!!!