Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back to the future...

I got so busy last year with so many other things that I have some catching up to do on the old bloggy blog. Which is perfect since its blizzard weather here, and not so furniture friendly. Every few days we trudge out to the shop, and if the weather would WARM-IT-ON-UP quick here I could get back on it a little quicker:) 

So, in the meantime, Ill feature some of my projects from the last year that never made it to the blog. Of course I switched phones last year, so Im a little limited on pictures...lucky you. 
As I am wishing and praying and hoping...for warm weather, Ill start with a summer favorite, a picnic table!
This project only took a few hours. I picked up this old picnic table and loved the chunky-ness and sturdy-ness of it.(both not words i know:)

 Here she is before...Kind of the cool weathered look, but the not so sitting-friendly-sliver-look at the same time:)

And here it is after a few hours of love:

Much better, right?

Happy Wednesday!!

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