Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bed frame and headboard!!!

Here I am back after a year of blogging absence with an amazing post for you!  I was so busy working on sales this summer(and going to the beach:) that I took a l ittle break from blogging. I also got my Real Estate License a few months ag and have been busy with that.

My husband has stopped working out of town, so I have him for building all I want!! He is so talented and can build anything! So with our ideas combined his building skills and my finishing skills, watch out world:) We can finally have a whole lot more one of a kind, custom and handmade furniture to offer. 
We started out just wanting to build a frame for now and decided we might as well go for the whole shabang. We knew we wanted a barndoor style headboard. We next had to decide if we wanted a stain look or a white distressed paint look. It took awhile to decide, but once we did we headed to Home Depot. 3 times:) Thats what always happens right? You plan everything out, sketch it, make your list, get it all, build away, and...whoops...need a little more.  We also changed and tweaked our plans on the headboard portion a few times WHILE building, going up almost 2 feet higher than planned and changing the size of the crossbeams. And we are sooo glad we did. We also decided, while at Home Depot to add lights. The lights we decided on are outdoor lights, so some additional electrical work was needed to attach them to a cord with a switch. 

Lumber ended up being a lot more than we planned on, since we are so used to using all salvaged and usually aged wood. This winter has not been kind to us in the salvaged department.  So we decided to go for stained and make it look aged ourselves. 

We had so much fun building and designing it and Brandon is excited to get started building on 3 more for people who loved it as much as us. Our next one we hope to make for a sale will be the white that we wanted to make for ourselves. Ok, here she is. Sorry for the numerous pictures, we kind of love it:)





Its the hub for the day. I think the family likes it:)

And here it is this evening with the lights on. (and a cute doggy accessory:)

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  1. Ape! I'm SOOO impressed by this (and you guys)! It's really beautifully detailed and such a great style - you'd have no problem finding people to order them. I can't wait to see what you make together next :)

    1. Thanks Kels!!! We are having so much fun! When it warms up, watch out!!:)

  2. I think it turned out awesome!!!!!!!! Great job!

    Amber @

    1. Thank you Amber! You inspire me daily!!:)