Sunday, March 9, 2014

Funky Junk 2013

I know this post is a little late, but better late than never, right?
Last years September Funky Junk show was so much fun! And such a whirlwind, I did not get nearly enough pictures sadly! I spent way too much time at the beach with my girlies last summer and had to cram for the last month to get ready for this show. I bought two booths this year, so had a lot of space to fill! Here are a few shots of the fun! I cant wait until this labor day to do it all again. I'm hoping to do a couple more shows this summer, but this one will always be one of my favorites!!

I loved this giant metal number sign I painted. I actually bought this piece of metal at 2012s Funky Junk Sale!

 Beautiful farm on a beautiful day! Talk about Location Location, Location!!

 I collected so many little goodies for this sale! It took 4 ladders, made into 2 shelves with 8 shutters to hold all the goodness. One side:

And the other side: (yes I had a rusty metal toolbox obsession last year  :)


  Funky Junk Jennifer with the kids!

 One of the funnest parts about this sale was the three of us getting to have booths next to eachother. (Abby at Recycled Love and Kari from Grouse Point Farms) What a great weekend!

And my wonderful helpers: The girls.

..and Becky, 

And Kristine!.....What a great crew!!

Here was Abbys adorable check out station:

And Kari's fancy booth:

Jennifer does so much advertising and networking for these crowds:

I cant wait for Labor Day Weekend 2014!

(The last 11 beautiful photos were taken by Burnett Photography) 

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