Thursday, March 6, 2014

Caulked keyholes?!

Another piece I did this summer.....
I found this beauty, who needed a lot of love. The top had some pretty bad gouges on one side, but I still wanted to be able to keep some wood showing. And as you can see it was missing a drawer. I decided to paint the frame and top, stain the drawers and make the missing drawer into a shelf. 
Someone had caulked the keyholes(how dare them?) and then colored them with black marker....say what?? So, I busted that right out of there and gave her back her beautiful original holes.
(that sounds wrong)

Here she is at the Vintage Farmhouse sale:

And a wonderful customer/friend, Pam took her home and put her to good use:

Stay tuned for more goodness:)..............

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