Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I always cry at weddings

I did some signs for a wedding recently. One that is coming up very soon here, in Hawaii!! So jealous. Someday I will make it there:) I learned a lot with this custom order. I love love love my cricut, but learned how hard it is to find just that right font you want. And buy!! Each font is almost $60! I have since been reading up on buying an attachment that allows you to send anything online to your cricut, but not sure if it works for mine. 
Anyhoo, I cant wait to see these in wedding photos. But for now, here they are:

For the backs of the bride and grooms chair:

For the wedding and thank you card pictures(please excuse the mess on my counter:)

                                             For the wedding and then at home after:

And for the backs of the chairs:

And a chalk board:

Congrats Analee! Cant wait to see the photos and hope to see you at your reception!

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