Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to make your own custom rubber stamps

I have always wanted a chevron stamp. Who doesn't these days right?? But the only one I could find was by Tori Spelling and was like $50. (Ill admit though, I make no apologies, I do love me some Tori)
So after seeing a few blogs on it like this one here from my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE- BLOG-I-READ-EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. I ordered a speedy carve block on amazon and my sister happened to have the carving tool set i needed. You can take any image (off the web, a magazine, a logo) and turn it into a stamp! For my chevron one I:
1. Traced some chevron fabric I had onto plain old printer paper (with a pencil, that's the important part)
You could use a printed image or anything else.
For this one I found this image online and then just altered it a little:

2. Place the paper on your carve block, image side down.
3.Rub over the image with a flat surface like a debit card.
4. Remove the image and you will have the penciled image now on the rubber.
5. Trace your image with a permanent marker or pen so it doesn't rub off while you carve.

6. Carve out the parts you want to be the 'negative space' on the paper.
7. Carve some more
8. Carve a little more

9. It will take a few practice stamps to see where you need to carve a little more. 
10. Stamp beautiful things!!
I have gone a little crazy with my few favorite images and am in need of making a few new ones.
Ive done some on paper with a stamp pad, but mostly on fabric mixing acrylic paint and textile medium.(Theres not much of a fabric paint selection in our little town. neons and puffy paint mostly, so I just get the textile medium to mix with ANY of the beautiful colors that come in acrylics! You just follow the t.m instructions, and heat set it after. 
Here are my favorite projects Ive done lately:
These directors chairs were my first project with the anchor.

Redid the curtains in my laundry room

This coffee table turned chevron bench.
Take that expensive chevron fabric!!!

Some chevron flour sack dish towels.
my price tags

Now go stamp on! I want to see some projects people:)

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