Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Support crafters!!!

I got this awesome chippy dirty old wood the other day and couldnt wait to make something with it. I know that sounds weird, but its sooo cool looking. I love the old, the retro, the chips, the peels.....most of it that is:)
It was my dads gf's birthday yesterday so I whipped this up and have to say...I kind of want one.

I also added a few things to my little booth at Foxs Fun Factory:) I thought I'd share some of them with you to entice you to go take a look:)
Here are these rings Ive wanted to make for awhile. Thanks to W and J for my amazon gift cards I finally could order the supplies. There are rings and earrings. Each $6.50

Silver w/ blue flower,  gun metal with coral flower, pink with ivory flower, teal with coral flower, red, yellow and coral earrings.
I have lots more to make, but wanted to see how they would sell. Let me know what you think!

Heres my favorite chalk board I have displayed over there. 

And this cute little nightstand w/coral anthro knob

And if any of you are headed to a baby shower or to greet a new baby this summer make sure you stop by to grab one of these great wipe holders:

The Foxs crafters mall is right on hwy 200 across from the mall entrance by Deitrich. And are open Mon-Sat. 10-6. There are about 50 different vendors who sell there, so theres something for everyone!

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