Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiration everywhere!

 My craft room is finally coming together! I cant show you a full room view right now because its still a bit of a mess. One closet is Brandons "man closet?" and the girls bookshelf and kitchen are in here. My little nook, though, is pretty dreamy. I could sit in here all day. (and have so far today:) Here are a few shots.....

Some favorite things that give me inspiration!

My price tags(right in my face so I will make more:) (And my afv knobs yelling at me "USE ME!!"
I'm going to make my own "B" stamp this week.
I just discovered how when I was looking for a chevron stamp last month for a project for a friend. They were so expensive I got my own speedball rubber and carver and made my own. I am now a stamp making addict! I stamped fabric with them and have now opened up a whole new bag of worms I am obsessed with. I'm now planning curtains, clothing, a shower curtain, dish towels.  More on this later in the week!! Heres a sneak peek:

I cant get enough of this washi tape! So many uses. I think sometimes I go overboard!

This was in an old hideous frame I am painting. How cute is this little vintage oil painting?!
Some thread, some embellishments and some fabrics I'm currently using.

All in the knick of time. My hubby is here so I am having a hard time making myself work, but have so much to do. I am so thankful to be in the middle of 2 custom signs, designing a nursery(plus designing a beautiful baby shower:), helping a friend redo a few rooms in her home, making some custom baby onesies and doing 4 signs and a chalkboard for a wedding! I also just finished a project I am so excited about for a friends bachelorette gift! As soon as I can figure out how to get them off this camera I will post them.
Oh, and theres the Vintage Farmhouse sale next weekend that I need to get some more pieces done for!! 

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