Monday, June 18, 2012

recap of a crazy week and # 26 , 27 and 28!

Its been a week since I blogged and a lot has happened this week! So I thought Id give a quick recap!
I turned 29 and my hubby gave me the most AMAZE-balls birthday ever! First a sign for my business, which makes me feel so supported in my crazy endeavors!Check it out!

I went and had my free breakfast at Panhandler pies and got serenaded by the whole restaurant(there was 3 tables , but still:)
Macie had kindergarten graduation that day and we couldn't be prouder!! Where did the time go?!

yes, Emma was having fun:)

Then, he arranged for a babysitter and took me to town to 'kill some time'. We realized we had never gone bowling together so i was super pumped to go with him.....only to sadly realize our alley had closed! So instead we went to the lovely Eicharts and had a delicious cider and garlic fries. Those things are to die for!

Then I got blindfolded and taken to .....a SURPRISE party with a lot of my loved ones! What a sneaky little hubby I have! And wonderful!!! I don't have any pictures to put up yet because once again I still cant get the pictures off that darn camera! Thank you to all my friends who helped! It was the best birthday Ive had in 29 years!

This weekend I got to be part of the second Vintage Farmhouse Sale and it was such a success! I have two big pieces that I took that are still for sale.
Here are the before and afters:

This dresser/buffet before:

After, at the sale:
The bottom fits about 48 wine bottles perfectly!
(or 2 -4 baskets, or little curtains)

And after, during the sale:)
I had planned on putting handles on it, but Amy had this great idea. So I went home, printed a stencil and sat there at the sale updating it. What do you think??

And now that it is here in my dining room, I'm tempted to keep it:)

But, alas, it is for sale.
$100 will get it for your home:) SOLD

The other piece is a table that had a veneer top to begin with:

My hubby and my dad redid the top for me, We were going to do pallet boards, but had this cool barn wood looking pieces.

I stained the top and painted and distressed the bottom. And here it is finished at the sale:

$100 will get you this one too! (SOLD)

I love both of these and am sad to let them go. But, who needs 2 kitchen tables?? :)

And lastly, today I opened up a booth at the local 'Crafters Mall'. Here's a sneak peak at my first set up of the space:

Its a pretty small space, so while I'm trying to figure out how to get more furniture pieces in there here's an idea of what you can find there for now:
custom dishtowels, nightstands, chairs, chalk boards, jewelry/memo boards, pin cushions, baby wipe cases, lace jar vases and some decorative dishes.

Make sure you you check it out along with all the other booths at Foxs Fun Factory Crafters Mall on hwy 200 across from the mall!!!

That side table up there is #28 and I didnt get a shot before putting it in my booth! Here is the before:

**UPDATE: It just sold, but here she is:)

ONLY 2 more to my 30 before 30!!! Then what?! ANy ideas??

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  1. it all looks great! i love the dresser and the dining set!

  2. Love the addition of the numbers to that buffet! Very convenience to have the wine storage on the bottom. I know that not having a lot of room for big furniture now, something that is multi-functional is a plus.

    visiting from Swing Into Spring : )

  3. good luck with your booth. I have one, it's a lot of work and worry...but great when you get the hang of it :)

  4. Cute dresser! The numbers are really sweet!

  5. Love your work!!!
    I also number dressers ( sometimes ) and love the look
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by
    and follow back!

  6. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new sign for your business, it is lovely. Great items in the booth and the numbered buffet is a great piece, I especially like it with the wine bottles.