Monday, June 25, 2012

My hands are on fire! (and a recipe:)

I know most people have heard the warnings.  I  have heard the warnings. But I ignored them. And I am paying the price. Oh, yes, the jalapeno burn price:) 
I decided to post this to save all my friends out there the burn. Oooooooh the burn!!! 
The other night I decided to make up one of our favorite snacks for an appetizer since my dad was making dinner. (I will post the easy peasy recipe at the end, even though I am mad at it) I was in a hurry and gutting jalapenos with a knife like always, but then also with my hands to speed up the process. I was so worried about getting all those little firey seeds out that I seemed to forget exactly what I was doing. When I was done gutting 10 of them I washed my hands like I always do. But I guess because I was scraping them with my hands so much, which is not the norm...the simple handwash did not do the trick.
 I reached up and itched my nose....
oh no. oh no. no, not the buuuurn!
about 30 seconds later my dad walked in, and I think I had tears in my eyes. My nose was on FIRE!!!!! Oh my burning nose! Who knew your skin could burn like that???
Not me. Thats for sure. It burned for atleast 30 minutes.
This is not the end of my tale. Oh no. I wish it were.
I went out to my dads to eat and my hands started to burn. Oh did they burn!! It felt like I had touched a hot pan for a second. It just wouldnt ease up. I complained a little and of course all my dad could do was snicker a bit and say "gloves, Aprill, gloves" 
Thanks dad-o.
Now this was 2 days ago...and still every morning after I shower, they burn again!!!! What the heckel??? Why?? Water activating burning? Sounds wrong to me.
So from now on, I will be wearing full on, up to the elbow (or maybe even armpit) gloves when I go within 10 feet of a jalepeno. 
They can and will get you!!! Watch out friends!
Who knew there were mountain hardwear gloves called : Jalapeno gloves:)

So, the simple but delicious recipe is:
cut the jalapenos in half, lengthwise and completely scrape out all the seeds. (with gloves!!!, for the love of your skin!)Lay them on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until they are lighter green and curling at the edges a little(once they lose their crunch)
Then you mix in crushed up bacon and cream cheese(about 8 oz. for 10 jalepenos, so 20 halves) in a baggie and cut off the corner. 
Take the jalepenos out of the oven and squeeze your cream cheese mixture into the shells. Stick them back into the oven about 10-17 minutes or until the cream cheese turns light brown on top. 
BUT, a WARNING!!!!: Some of them are hotter than a slap-yo-momma hot! and some are deliciously mild. I like to call it a game of Russian roulette. You dont know what you are going to get. After 2 of the hot ones in a row I had to quit the game this time. I fold. 
Now, if you really love them like my dad, there is a cool little rack you can buy for cooking them! Then you just cut the top off and stuff them. in the beginning and let the mixture cook the whole time. Look at this thing:

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