Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In need of a furniture fix...even if its not mine:)

We haven't yet move into our own place here in Vegas, so I'm having a bit of a furniture-redo-Crafting withdrawl. So I thought Id just do some browsing:)

We left our headboard behind on accident during our recent move.
Con: We had just got it and it was kind of cute and basic.
Pro: I get to make a new one!!!
So, I have taken to Pinterest for some inspiration. Check out these amazing headboards. My own version of one will be gracing the pages of my blog once we get settled and my tools get unpacked. And after, of course, I consult the hubby on his opinion of the style.

I LOVE LOVE the yellow and gray use in this one. And its so rustic and pretty at the  same time:

I also love the fabric and shape of this one:

Ive always wanted to try one with a old door. This one is so cool. It feels like there's another room behind your bed:

I had originally thought of something classic and white like this:
or this :

But I have to make sure its not too girly. I don't want to scare the hubby off:)

I could go on and on with these ideas....and just might.
So, in closing leaving behind the headboard was awesome:) I will soon have a thing of beauty to rest my head under.
(and it ended up going with a lovely lady for her bed:)

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