Monday, October 17, 2011

BBQ and M and M's

I did FINALLY get to do some garage sale browsing this weekend and got a few cute finds. I got a few cool frames for some chalk boards, a great white serving dish and some decorative balls:) hehe.
I also got this cute little stand for the kitchen that I'm going to redo.

Some more adventures here in Nevada:)
 We found a cool shopping/food center called "The District". Someday I will have a visitor and can shop there:) Anthro, Pottery Barn, Ben and Jerrys, Loft and the list goes on and on. We walked around and ate at the DELICIOUS Lucilles BBQ.
They look excited to eat:)


We also took a trip down to the strip with the girlies. We took them to the MGM to see the Lions habitat...awesome! This picture does not do it justice. We also got to walk underneath them while they were laying down WITH the trainers!
Then we went to
'their castle" , the Excaliber.
and to M and M world
This is my quick attempt at a panoramic. People just wouldn't hold still!!:)

Vegas Baby!!!!

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