Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A free smile

I came across this blog today and it brought a smile to my face. Every post I read was full of happiness, fun and inspiration. This lovely lady Katie makes me want to move to New York!! You always hear people bashing different cities for one reason or another, but Katie brings out the best of The Big Apple and takes advantage of all of its greatness. You HAVE to check her out.
 I am a new follower of her and look so forward to getting a clip of her cheeriness every day.
She is in an improv group she sometimes blogs about and posts videos. HILARIOUS! Like this one HERE I watched today called the mute button.
Heres Katie, making business cards because she ran out and needed some that day. She is soo creative.
And here's a piece from her 'Bubble" project. She went around New York posting these shadows she made and hides to take real pictures(as opposed to staged ones). They are so cool.

And here are some of the walls at her house.
Adorable right? You must check her out....like now....go! We could all use a smile and some inspiration today:)

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