Friday, October 7, 2011

City Sights and Curly Ques

Last week we made our way around some more Vegas sights I thought Id share. I figure we have to see all the sights so we will be ready to give all our future visitors proper tours, right?
There will be quite a few pictures, so if youre not completly in love with the two cute blonds(who couldnt be?) please bear with the many photos:)

Heres some pictures from our Lake Mead visit. There is this dock you walk down to the marina, and the waters are FULL of these huge fish . HUGE. They are used to being fed, so they sit there with their mouths open. The girls thought they were talking to them. Brandon decided to see if they would suck on his finger and almost got bit by a teeth filled bass.

Kind of gross, huh?

Heres Macies picture of B and I. Guess she didnt want her sissy in the pic:)

Then we headed down the road to the Hoover Dam. Yep, the  damn dam!! Emma had a hard time with this one, wondering why is was now ok for her to say this word:) Silly girl!
We passed the road the first time and ended up in:

Am I the only one who isnt up on their geography trivia?? I now know that the Hoover Dam is halfway in Nevada and half way in Arizona. Time change and everything. This may be a known fact to all of you, but I must have been sleeping in that class:)

Here are some shots of the dam. It became very very hot while we were there, so we just made it to the side to look down. Its so beautiful there!

Of course now today the heat seems to be over for the year. Its 65 right now!! Perfect day for sightseeing versus last weeks 102!

Brandon and I also got tot go down to the strip last weekend for my first time thanks the gma and gpa for watching the babes! I didnt get many pictures, but we had a blast. We went into Planet Hollywood, the Belagio, and the Monte Carlo all of which were awesome. We did the penny slot machines a little and came home 15 bucks richer. Take that Vegas!

I also got a taste of home and got to spend an evening with Chuchie at the Tropicana! My first trip into the strip all on my own. Thanks for the great time Alina! Love you!

 And lastly for our week in review, the girls wanted some curly hair, so we tried our hand at the old fashioned way and they are thrilled with the results!!


Macie the model

Shirley Emma
We also took a trip to the local Farmers Market to look into getting a booth. Once we get our storage unpacked and I can get a few things finished Im hoping to set up to sell my things. Im going to make some more benches, mirrors, chalk boards and pillows to sell at the market. I cant really haul around my huge furniture to those kind of venues, so I will be making some smaller things for them. Sooo excited to get started!

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