Saturday, May 28, 2011

#3, but not without some laughs

So, number three is done, but it was not the easiest project to date. It wasn't the project itself giving me all the trouble. It was the lovely North Idaho weather. I sanded this project last week and have been waiting for the rain to stop to finish it. I have a shop I could work in but haven't cleared it out enough yet so that the girls can be in there with me and stay out of trouble. So at the moment I am using the front porch. The UNCOVERED front porch.  I thought I saw a break in the weather so decided to get to work. I first painted the bottom and decided the clouds looked safe enough to stain the top. As I was staining I started feeling little tiny drops. OH No! Not on the stain you don't. Luckily my grandpa was there so we quickly moved it under my umbrella. Then I started feeling more drops and realized that the umbrella was a thick, woven net! Definatly not rain proof! So luckily there was a tarp over the hot tub cover and we quickly grabbed it and threw it over the umbrella. So, it was a funny site, but it got the job done.
Here is my garage-saling-on-my-lunch-break find before:

During the crisis:)

And after:

Finally one to display in my living room. I just love it. I stained the top twice with some stain I already had. I painted and roughes up the bottom and added this glass knob I have been waiting to use!       

We haven't had a coffee table in years, so I'm loving it. Now if I could just keep the kids off of it:)

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