Monday, May 23, 2011

#1 of 30 Done!!!

The girls rocker is done and I looove it. I did fail to mention in my first blog that I am also a huge bargain shopper. I refuse to pay full price if I know I can get a better deal with just a little researching. I got this rocker at a garage sale for $5. I had to buy a can of ‘cottage white” paint for $13, but it will last me for many projects. Also the can of poly that I can reuse. I also had to order a applique which was about $3. I used a tiny bit of wood glue to repair the chair and used sandpaper I already had. So with a total cost of under $10 I think my first shabby chic-ing project turned out adorable and the girls love it! Here it was before:

And here she is now: (Ive named her Stella)

This weekend I hit a few garage sales and got 2 coffee tables and a nightstand. I obviously dont need 2 coffee tables, and am pretty much furnitured up in my own house, so let the selling begin! I also have a chair from work to redo for my boss. We have hid it up in the storage room for 2 years and have been calling it the "pee chair". Don't worry, when I finish it I will tell the story. I finally saved it from its 'looming dumpster doom' and decided to repaint and upholster it. I am nervous about my first upholstery job, so am kind of avoiding it at the moment while I shop for a fabric bargain.

I also found these really cool Readers Digest books at an Estate sale this weekend. They were only selling them by the box. So I now have like 50, but for $3 you cant beat it. Im glad now because I am finding so many places to put them. Heres a few with really great covers I put in my room:
I hoped to get more furniture done, but my daughter needed to dress up for Lost in the 50's this weekend. So I will show off my not-so-impressive-if-you-saw-it-up-close sewing skills. She loved it and was impressed with me, so thats all that matters.

#2 here we come!


  1. Your rocking chair looks beautiful and Stella is a superb name for's nice to see I'm not the only one with a penchant for naming inanimate objects :)

  2. What a pretty rocking chair! I love rocking chairs and would have a lot more if we had more space:)