Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 down, 28 to go.

My dad had left this nightstand for me to borrow, so I just had to paint it! I was waiting to go to some garage sales, so I thought I'd try this out in the meantime. Here is the before:

And after:

I am not in love with the handle, but it was 50 cents at the local 'Habitat for Humanity' store! Cant beat that! Im finding that with some of these older pieces, its really hard to find the right size handles/pulls. I guess when you live in a little North Idaho town, thats what you get. My only option is Home Depot. Now, dont get me wrong, I love me some home depot. They are so helpful, friendly, and knowledgable about EVERYTHING, but this bargain shopper needs some more options. So, here is the (almost) after. I still have to figure out the top piece. He had a tile that I am not at all crazy about in it. Im thinking either a different tile or a piece of wood Ill match to it. It took a lot of muscle to get this puppy done, since I painted a little too thick. I learned a few lessons with this piece. Mainly, dont work in the dark. Its the only time I have during the week, but a big no-no, The paint job wasn't so great and the sanding was shabby. Not shabby chic, just shabby bad.  Also, try to pick out hardware before painting in case new holes need to be made and old ones closed.  If anyone knows how to add, say, 10 hours onto the day, please let me know .Until some more free time comes around.............

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