Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barbie, the vanity

My great grandma (Nana) owned a beauty school and salon in the 60's. My grandma recently passed this vanity from the salon down to me. Im always weary to paint pieces with sentimental value, but someone had already crossed that bridge for me on this one. It had been painted a weird green(which Im sure was all the rage in the 60's), and then an antique brown over that. I decided to paint it for my girls room and here was the result: Before:

And after:

 This one I sanded by hand! I'm not going to lie, I wanted to die. There were so many nooks and crannies, the whole area over the mirror, the dowels, the old, cracked top.....it was not so fun. And so, again, if my husband is reading, pleeeease can I have a nice sander for my birthday? hehe.
I also bought a black ottoman and made a cover for it and matching pillows for their beds. I wanted a stool or older style chair, but my girls are so young they needed something more sturdy. They are more excited about the pillows than the vanity or stool, but Im quite fond of it. Im thinking of this peice as one we will always hold onto and I will change it as they get older. Im already wanting to mature it a little, but I guess Ill give it a few more years.
I spend so much time with some of these pieces I start to think of names that match their look or story. My daughters always want pink, so I tried use pink, but not go overboard. These shades remind me of the barbie clothes I used to have when I was little, so Ive decided to call her just that, Barbie.

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