Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pallet Love

I love pallets. Now how many of us could say that before pinterest? I mean really, am I right or am I right? I also love the awesomeness that is living-in-the-sort-of-redneck-woodsyness that I do:) Now Ive always loved it, but after not having it for 8 months, I reeeally love it now. We have pallets everywhere!! My dad always has them to store stuff on, my neighbor who is MIA has them everywhere and lets not forget that I love by the dump which is pallet heaven! Any of you who are not into pinterest may not know what the heck I'm talking about. Let me give you a little peek into my obsession. I'm warning you though, its dangerous to look at this. You will never look at a pallet or pile of scrap wood the same. Don;t say I didn't warn you. Here's some loveliness.....First here's one that my friend Trish and I made to hang right inside her front door for coats and bags. (Here's the how to.)

And here are some Ive pinned:

Awesome right??? As soon as it stops raining around here I'm going to try my hand at a subway sign. I had a pallet all dried out...and then it rained, And then I dried it out again.......and then it rained again:) So, here's hoping for tomorrow! I'm also hoping to do some shelves and an ottoman in the near future.
Its funny that I see and hear quotes all the time that I love, but now that I need one I just cant pick one. Its this huge statement piece that everyone coming into our home will read. Its kind of a big decision. So now I'm on the hunt. I'm thinking I may take the easy way out and use a food quote I love and put it in the kitchen. That was I can take a little more time finding a meaningful one that I can live with. What kind of wording to you display in your home?

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