Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jewelry Frames

I rarely wear jewelry now that my job consists of getting apple juice, scrubbing toilets, and cuddling Emma. But I accumulated a lot when I was working at the bank, so am always looking for more organized ways of displaying and storing them. I have seen these all over blog land for awhile now and was so excited to make my own. I am going to have them at my farmers market booth(please approve me jury:) for sale in lots of pretty colors and sizes, so come and get em!! I'm also going to add hooks at the bottom for hanging necklaces. Isn't is fun to look at all that pretty jewelry. Now if I could just have somewhere to wear it....................... 

I'm subbing at the Christian School today and did spice it up with a necklace:) But one of my ears is closed up!!!


  1. Can I get one to hang perpendicular, with hooks on the bottom? Love these!

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